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Rubik’s Connected Cube Review: The Smart Gaming Cube

bestz Updated Tue, 10 August 21
Rubik’s Connected Cube Review: The Smart Gaming Cube

Rubik’s Connected Cube Review

GoCube, the maker of Rubik’s Connected, introduced its first connected cube years ago. The Rubik’s shape has been a habit-forming puzzle and a social wonder since the time of its creation during the 1970s.

The Rubik’s Connected cube is an innovative app-enabled cube puzzle game that connects to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth and allows you to LEARN how to solve the Rubik’s, PLAY mini-games, IMPROVE your game, and BATTLE with other cubers around the world.

The CUBE has a cool inside light that shines while charging.

You can have it on while cubing as well, however, the stickerless block’s tiles don’t illuminate, so it’s difficult to solid shape in obscurity since it’s difficult to separate among reds and oranges.

GoCube The Connected Electronic Bluetooth Cube Price on Amazon



GANCube GAN 356i

A smart cube that’s lightweight, so it’s faster for speedcubing. Available stickered or stickerless. It works with the Cube Station app for lessons and online challenges.

$88.99 gancube.com

GiiKER Super Cube

A cheap and cheerful alternative smart cube. The app is less impressive but the cute charger that looks like a pair of headphones is appealing. Good if you’re on a budget.

£29.99 amazon.co.uk

Rubik’s Speed Cube 3×3

Learn algorithms online for free; all you need is a cube. This faster version of the original may not be smart but it boasts a sturdy build and lubricated tracks for speedcubing.

£14.99 rubiks.com 

Rubik’s Connected: Battery life

Typical batteries have a ballpark of 300 recharging cycles, but the more you use it, the less capacity it holds (provides shorter playtime – you must have experienced that with your mobile, laptops, etc.)

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Does Rubik’s Connected worth buying?

Hehe, I haven’t used Rubik’s cube before so who am I to tell if it’s worth buying But we can actually tell if it’s worth buying by checking out customer’s reviews about the product.

Let’s start with Douglas Review on Amazon, Here are a few things from what he said

“I’ve been doing Rubik’s cubes for a couple of years now and have always preferred speed cubes over the original Rubik’s brand cubes because of how difficult the original branded cubes are to rotate. After buying this cube I am pleased to say that they did awesome when choosing parts for this cube.”

Another Buyer also said

Buyer beware! Comes with a CATCH!!! Can’t use the app without creating an account, giving an email address, and signing up. I bought this for my ten-year-old. I’m not giving some company his email address!

Paid all this money and their Privacy policy says they are collecting IP Address, location, OS, length of use, name, email address, name, employees, job title, and other data. It says clearly “We may share your information with selected third parties including but not limited to:” aka we will sell your data to anyone who pays us for it.

If you like, you can ask them not to sell your data for marketing purposes, but when you go to the website, you can’t. Link to Comments:- https://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/B08JYVKJTG

Rubik’s Connected Cube Review

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