Ronaldinho: How he’s turned his life around in the four months since leaving prison

The year 2020 was indeed a tough year for everyone and our superstar Ronaldinho.The Brazilian legend spent 171 days in jail after being arrested in Paraguay along with his brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, for forging passports.

Ronaldinho was behind bars for 32 days before he was put on house arrest after he agreed to pay one million Brazilian reais (£140,566) in bail.

He was originally sentenced to six months of jail time.

There were also reports that the former Ballon d’Or winner had just $8 to his name and was believed to be “close to bankruptcy,” according to

From football’s greatest ever entertainer to this.It was actually sad to see,However, we have some positive Ronaldinho news to bring you.According to the Brazilian edition of El Pais, per AS, Ronaldinho has now earned more than 5 million Brazilian reais (£702,407) in the four months since leaving prison.He’s achieved that with countless sharpness business moves.

He helped promote Atlético Mineiro’s stadium – the club where he won the Copa Libertadores in 2013.He also received the title of an honorary citizen in Belo Horizonte and decided to open a studio there to take a step into music. He recorded a music video with group Recayd Mob and rapper Djonga. The video reached one million views in less than a week with Ronaldinho being surrounded by women in bikinis.

He’s also launched his own brand of organic gin, named R-ONE. This bottle was seen throughout the music video. It follows on from his first wine brand, ‘Vino de Campeones.’

He’s also featured in an advertising campaign for the travel application Buser where he appears, once again, with several women. He was also the face of Betcris, a bookmaker with which it has a contract since 2019.He also features in e-sports, where he advertised Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA. He even created his own team, R10 Team, which features in FIFA 21.

he’s remained Brazilian tourism ambassador and has met the president, Jair Bolsonaro, in person since his release from prison.

In 2021, there will be a film about Ronaldinho’s football career where he is described as “the happiest man in the world.” It doesn’t have a release date yet but it looks like a must-watch.

A difficult stage is coming to an end, thank God. I have no words to thank you for all the care and support that I have received in recent months,” Ronaldinho wrote when he released the trailer for his film.

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