Warning: Stop Breaking Africbase Rules, We have come to understand that lots of our members break our rules recklessly and continuously even after we have issued warnings and simple instructions.

We need everyone of you to understand that there’s no point or profit trying to fraudulently accumulate earnings that we cannot pay you.

Some of you don’t even read the post you comment on, thereby making unreasonable comments just to make sure you earn more.

Africbase are very simple and we have made lots of posts to guide our members through the rules to avoid been blacklisted, so why would someone be so hell=bent on breaking the instructions just to accumulate earnings?

Don’t make unnecessary replies in posts that are not sponsored post except the comment is directed to you.

This platform was created to better the lives of many people worldwide, we cannot sit back and allow few persons contaminate others.

From now onwards, we will strictly blacklist those who defile our rules. We humbly urge all members to please inform and guide their downlines very well to avoid issues.

Lastly, our new members should kindly note that affiliate account activation is done within 24 hours of payment. You should only call us if your affiliate account is not activated after 24hours.

If you do the right thing, we will not have a problem with you and we will always pay you!

We appreciate and value you. Happy earnings!


cc: Africbase LLC