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Piggyvest Bank – How to Save on Piggyvest

Joseph Kalu Updated Sat, 26 June 21

Piggyvest is one of the proper way to save money towards a goal and it is achievable through the better ways stated in this article. Saving money is necessary because an adage says ‘opportunity comes but once’ so saving can help in achieving some kind of opportunity.

Piggyvest Ban

Before saving, one most know the reason for saving, the steps to take in saving and the right way of saving. As you follow this guide, be rest assured to get everything it takes to save.

Why Savings on piggvest?

Saving is necessary for future purpose. In other words, savings enables a person to have targeted goals achieved if planned. Savings necessary is for the future and it must be achieved with disciplinary actions. 

How to save on Piggyvest?

Saving is easy based on our disciplinary action.  We save base on target, be it short, middle or long term goal but how do we save? A lot of people are struggling to save so this article is to show you the proper way to save and get a better interest aside putting your money in the bank.

Saving on Piggyvest. 

Piggyvest has a mission to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their finances through savings.  Get piggyvest app on Google Playstore and Apple Store or visit www.piggyvest.com

There are five different ways to build your saving on piggyvest. 

  1. Automated Savings: Build a dedicated savings faster on your terms automatically or manually. In other words, you can fix an automated savings or you transfer the amount to be saved to your piggyvest wallet.
  2. Fixed Savings: This is locking money away for a fixed duration with no access to it until maturity. It’s like getting a custom fixed deposit.
  3. Goal Savings: This type of savings is having setting goals to reach all your savings goals faster. Also, save towards a goal either as a person or a group
  4. Flexible Savings: This is a very simple type of savings on piggyvest. Save, transfer, withdraw, manage and organise your money for free at any time.
  5. Dollar Savings: This type is a unique type because you can save in foreign currency like dollar and euro and get interest in these currencies.

Piggvest is a very legit way of saving and investing in Nigeria and all over the world. To save, download piggvest on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Also visit piggyvest.com

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