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Online Business That Pay Daily in Nigeria

DYTYW Updated Wed, 14 July 21

Online Businesses That Pay Daily in Nigeria

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you online businesses that pays daily in Nigeria. As we all know that making money online in Nigeria is scary due to the rate of scam and these has made some people doubt every possibility in making money online in Nigeria.

Below are some of the online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria

Write for Opera mini

Content writing is one of the most paying online business in Nigeria. If you are good in writing on any topic, then you are sure of making money in Nigeria but the big question is who do you write for that can pay you.

In this section, I’ll discuss how you can write for Opera Mini and get paid instantly without stress.

Opera Mini is a browser just like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome but what differentiates them is Opera Mini built a platform for everyone to get paid when a article is being posted on their platform. There are different categories which you can write on. These are news, Entertainment, politics, sports, fashion, technology, etc.

To begin, click here, Create a flexible account with them and begin to write. The more unique contents you write, the more your chances of making big money.

Sell Websites on Flippa

Another online business that pay daily in Nigeria is selling websites or blogs on Flippa.

Flippa is a website where you can sell already built website in dollars ranging from $100 and above. All you need to do is simply build a professional website with or without coding, monetize it and sell to prospects in dollars. Your website has to be professionally and excellently developed because the buyers on Flippa are top class business tycoons. With this, you are sure to make money daily if you are able to sell your websites.

Sell service on Fiverr

Freelancing is one of the online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria. Selling service like graphics design, web development, copywriting, SEO and so on on Fiverr can fetch you good money if you know how to go about it.

Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing platforms in the world where clients who need the services of experts in different fields come to get their business problem solved. It is a platform where anyone can meet any kind of job opportunity within and outside the country.

When you join Fiverr, you upload your gigs and catalog for clients to see what you can offer, with doing that, you can be offered a job and get paid after the job is perfectly done and delivered to the client.

Become a YouTuber

YouTubing is a good way to make money online. In my last post about YouTube, I gave why and how YouTube is important. Check it out.

YouTube is all about posting useful videos people are willing to view. To learn more about how to make money on YouTube, click here.

Online Businesses That Pay Daily in Nigeria

There are legit online businesses that pays daily in Nigeria but it takes research, hardwork and consistency to scale through.

Online course

Online Course is a massive way of making money online. This is offering online courses on different topics of life to potential audience who are in need of these courses.

Online courses can include “How to”, “Ways to”, etc. You can put up your skill together as an ebook and sell them online. Also you can sell these courses via Amazon and other e-commerce website.

Making online money in Nigeria is easy but you need strategy and the real online business forum. As you follow this blog, you’ll get more of online businesses that pays daily in Nigeria.

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