It seems the federal government has no plans of improving our electricity sector with their new electricity deal with Chad.

Nigerian owned transmission company (TCN) disclosed on Sunday that a meeting was held last week to discuss the possibilities of connecting Chad to the national grid.

Nigeria, whose citizens do not enjoy even 12 hours electricity a day exports electricity to three neighbouring countries, namely Republic of Niger, Benin and Togo.

Togo, Benin and Niger are still owing us N30billion for the electricity we’ve supplied to them, we are now considering power charity to Chad?🀦

The idea of the FG exporting electricity to Chadis absurd. Buhari prefer helping other nations than improving Nigeria which make no sense. Charity begins at home.


πŸ”΄Electricity to Chad under consideration

πŸ”΄Gas to Morocco approved

πŸ”΄Grazing reserve for West African herdsmen enforced.

Meanwhile in NigeriaΒ πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬
πŸ”΄No constant electricity
πŸ”΄No good and steady water supply
πŸ”΄No security
πŸ”΄No motorable roads
πŸ”΄No good infrastructures

Truly Buhari will ruin this nation before 2023. Below is the promise they made to Nigerians in 2015.

DO YOU AGREE? The FG Has No Plans Of Improving Nigeria Electricity Sector (See This)

What do you think? Is the Nigerian government been clueless or just plain wicked?

DO YOU AGREE? The FG Has No Plans Of Improving Nigeria Electricity Sector

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  1. Let’s #end Nigeria and it’s brutality before it ends all of us,it’s quite unbelievable to have had these things happening without seeking an end to it. Simple a foreigner is ruling us to be more charitable to the truth otherwise,how can one discribe the scenario whereby monkey de work barboon de shop,nigeria is the breeding ground of all the mineral resources that deserved to take care of it,rather than to have it that way,it’s been given out to small countries that pay little or nothing out of it while suffering the goose that led the golden egg.

    Bestman uzoma Β·

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