Desmond Elliot (Tinubu’s godson) has proposed the social media regulation bill at the Lagos State House of Assembly
The bill will regulate & control social media posts. That includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.😪

This is a proof that a young person could be the President of this country & still fail us. In fact, a young person might ruin Nigeria like never before.

Desmond Elliot act like an idiott always. After he unveiled a public toilet in Surulere as his project for the year, I lost hope in him. He is just like the same old corrupt politicians we have all over Nigeria.

Basically, this new bill if it is passed will grant the government power to arrest anyone who speak against them on social media.


Imagine if the bill was signed before this #endsars protest, thousands of the youth would have been arrested for tweeting about Nigeria bad governance.

They know that social media is our voice and a means to expose them to the world, so they are shutting us down and the painful part is Desmond Elliot “a fellow youth” is the one supporting and pushing the Bill.

Power corrupts people and Desmond Elliot is proof of that.

Now Do You Still Think A Youth Leader Is The Solution To Nigeria Problem?
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