DO YOU AGREE? Buhari Have Failed Nigerians – He Need To Honorably Tender His Resignation Letter & An Apology Today!

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in his nationwide broadcast to mark the 60 years independence anniversary of Nigeria, said that it made no sense for Nigeria to sell oil cheaper than Saudi Arabia and Egypt or other neighbouring countries that produces petrol.

President Buhari Is Wrong To Compare Fuel Price In Egypt & Saudi Arabia To That Of Nigeria!

Mr President, the naira equivalence of the minimum wage in Egypt is N53,000 and Saudi Arabia is N366,000 but it makes sense for the minimum wage in Nigeria to be N30,000?🙄

The people in Egypt and Saudi Arabia don’t have generators at home and do not buy fuel for generators daily. Only people with automobiles buy fuel. Here in Nigeria, you pay high electricity tarrif and end up buying fuel daily.

The amount of PMS sold daily in Nigeria is larger than that of Egypt and Saudi Arabia put together but then what do we do with the profits.. absolutely nothing.


During President Buhari’s [email protected] speech this morning, I was expecting him to tender a resignation letter and an apology to Nigerians instead of comparing us to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Now let me ask you. What exactly are we celebrating today? Are celebrating corruption, bad governance, insecurity, hardship, suffering and smiling?

Are we celebrating electricity and fuel price hike? N480 to $1? Boko-Haram and Fulani Herdsmen terrorism? Killing of our gallant soldiers like animals? Slaughtering of poor innocent Nigerian farmers by Fulani Herdsmen?

Drop your opinions in the comment section. [email protected] Presidential speech.

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