Mike Tyson and Hafthor Bjornsson star in epic new action movie trailer

The self-demonstrated ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ has been in the headlines for over three decades now and shows no signs of slowing down.

His comeback exhibition round with Roy Jones Jr. last year show to be a massive event, and he has chaff further fights in the years to come.

While Tyson remains king of the boxing world, there are some new contenders set to rival him this year.World Strongest Man competitors Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson’s preparations for a mega-round to end all mega-round continue to sharpen the taste of fans all over the world.The prospect of the pair coming to blows in the ring is a tormenting one, and it is no surprise that fans are Munch at the bit to see the titans clash.

However, we are still a long way away from seeing either Tyson or Hall and Bjornsson in the ring, so we will have to find something else to do while we wait.Thankfully, the movie gods have come to our lockdown aid, seeing fit to bestow upon us an absolute gem of an action film starring both Tyson and Bjornsson.The trailer for the movie emerged online recently and it is truly something to observe.Tyson has made appearances in movies

Bjornsson, meanwhile, has plenty of acting experience under his belt having played The Mountain in Game of Thrones, a character who, for the most part, wears a helmet and has next to no lines.

While the acting looks questionable at best, you can be certain that many a fan will give it a watch just to see the pair in action.It won’t be the best movie you’ll ever see, not by a long shot, but it’s sure to be a nice one .If you can’t get on board with Tyson wielding a machine gun to protect a group of innocent Egyptian refugees from the monstrous bad guy played by Bjornsson, then you’re really not living.

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