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Lies Been Told To Africans and Why? Back To History.

DYTYW Updated Sat, 3 July 21

Lies Been Told To Africans and Why, Back to Africa true history, what was Africa like before today, what was africa like before the bible.

While as some of you know, Africa is the power source of the earth, Africa was made by God Himself as the center of the earth, where knowledge and power was preserved.

Africans where lovely people, people known for peace, love, people who are so connected to God in soul, body and spirit.

This what happened to Africa and Africans, the lies been told to young Africans and now the present day Africans are still told same lies over and over again.

Watch this video below and get a clear understanding of things.


The video explained the reason religion was created, a God of their own was created and when you say things like this, they will attack you because you are trying to tell them the truth, not just Africans are surfing from this but the universe as a whole is getting hit by this lies.

They have to give Young Africa something to believe, in order to control them, they sell Africa story to Africans and fashioned it to profit them.

When you say this, the mind of the brainwashed attack you and called you anti Christ, fear is what they gave to you as a religion, Africans are free souls, Africans are Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, free borns, Africans are the power source, the energy of the earth, without Africans the earth is gone.

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