How To Create Authority Blog On Blogspot

How To Create Authority Blog On Blogspot
How To Create Authority Blog On Blogspot
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Welcome To Another Episode Of Blogging And How To Create Authority Blogspot Blog

Today They Are Lot Of Questions Out There On How To Create Authority Blog Using Blogspot, and so many people are making mistake, which can lead to site not be index or cant get ranking on google, Here On Africbase you will learn how to create authority and rank your blogspot blog.

1. Choose Your Niche.

This Is The Most Important Part Of Blogging And Creating Authority Blogspot Blog, First In order not to just start blogging and regretting blogging, you have to sit and reason out what type of niche you love and you can easily do all the time, because blogging is not just doing copy and paste work or write without a clear focus on a particular objects, They are lot of persons or blogs which do random blogging (GENERAL BLOGGING).

NOTE: Dont start blogging based on Making Money (I will Explain in step 3)

2. Designing The Blog.

This Is the first aspect, i will want you all to consider if you want to create authority blog with blogspot, this includes {The Template and site Structure}.

Site Structure

SITE STRUCTURE which you can see in the Image above, it consist of the HOME PAGE, ABOUT PAGE, CONTACT PAGE, PRIVACY PAGE and others, this can help your site in boosting its authority.

3. Content And Keywords

How To Create Authority Blog On Blogspot
How To Create Authority Blog On Blogspot

This Where people always get it wrong every time, they start blogging, CREATING THE CONTENT, this is the part i love to talk about most, when i was starting out, i made a lot of mistake i wont let YOU make, i started out with blogspot before moving to a dedicated hosting where AFRICBASE is hosted today, the start was lot friendly as i have to do everything myself, which includes, the designing and all.

But one thing about create and authority blogspot blog is the content in which you provide,, before you start writing you have to sit and think, what type of content are you writing, what type of content does your audience want, do not just start writing.


Is your content problem solving (let your content be a problem solving content with well detailed writings, valid information, your content does not have to be 2000 or 5000 words long, if you can create a well detailed content of information that provides solution for people, you are on the right track of creating and authority blogspot blog.


A one thing to look when writing or creating a content of information for ranking and authority, keywords are valid part of content in which you can use to target a particular type of audience searching for what you have to offer, this is another factor of you, ranking your blog on google to get more organic traffic to your site.

When writing, always add your keywords to your post, considering adding your keywords to your post title as well (A WELL CRAFT POST TITLE CAN HELP YOUR BLOGSPOT STAND OUT), includes your keywords in heading 1,2,3,4,5 and 6).

Dont not start blogging based on the idea of making money, start blogging based on you want to help people solve their problems, in that way, you can create relationship with your audience and in returns, they can help you share your post to they social media pages and groups for more exposure , you can also get good quality backlinks from authority blogs out they.

TIPS: Create a problem solving content with well detailed information, hope this helps you, please do leave a comment below, if this post helps you in one way or the other, if it does not also leave a comment below, and dont forget to help me share this post.

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