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HA Tunnel Airtel Latest 500mb Cheat, Airtel Unlimited Data Free browsing Cheats

DYTYW Updated Mon, 28 June 21

Airtel Latest 500mb HA Tunnel File and Cheat…
Download the latest HA Tunnel App From Google Play Store…

Download Airtel 500mb Ha Tunnel File. and import to the app, click start and you are good to start browsing, this is a daily 500mb file.

Use Wisely and enjoy.

Requirements Needed

  • Airtel 0.0k SIM
  • 4G or 3G sim preferred
  • A VPN application
  • Strong and stable network
  • Airtel Latest 500mb File

Settings for Airtel 500mb 0.0k free browsing cheat April/may 2021

Full steps on how to set your VPN app to be able to enjoy the free daily 500mb cheat on Airtel Nigeria SIM card.

  • Import the airtel file
  • Click start and wait for it to connect

You are connected and good to browse.

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