Does Seo Plugin For WordPress Rank Your Site On Google

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Hello Everyone. Let me share my own opinion Does Seo Plugin For WordPress Rank Your Site

I recently checked the seo plugins on wordpress does not really rank your site. 

People also says customized php site rank far better to using seo plugin on wordpress site, yes that’s true.

This what I found out. 

Site like Justnaija, trendybeatz and others use customized php script and rank far more than many other site and today Justnaija is ranked 50 blogs in Nigeria(Justnaija is not up to 2year).

Seo plugins for wordpress, I will say it’s simply a guide, but that was before, right now, seo plugin are important in wordpress, don’t get me wrong.

But This That Makes A Site Rank Better On Google that I found out is. 

Site Structure, which includes. 

  1. Schema, ( this explains what your site is all about, Articles, Blogpost, music, videos, header, etc… ,it helps alot with ranking on search engines) php sites uses this also, that’s why they rank better.
  2. Layouts ( headers, footers, headings, paragraphs, articles etc…) this are structure if well arranged, it will help in rankings on search engines
  3. Keywords">Keywords ( no one, recently I found out how to do my keywords and rank on search engines along site with top rank site, some of my keywords makes my site rank first page on google sometimes, doing keywords, placing keywords on meta of the post is one thing, making that keyword rank is another, placing keywords on the post meta does not make it fully rank, but also placing that keywords on the post itself makes it more powerful, note, keywords must be in the title of the post, in the first content of the post, within the post and others,  also all images on the post must contain the keywords and the tile of the images must be the same as the post title, add internal and external link to the post, this links should contain the keywords
  4. Activities ( this are interactions, constant updates on the site posts, examples, commenting, regular post.

For WordPress What Can Make Your Site rank, note This is not a shortcut, this is what I am using currently to gradually growing my site and it’s working 95%.

This Your WordPress site needs.

Good Optimized Themes.

Seo plugin ( Recommendation : RankMath / Yoast Or Jetpack).

Constant Updates.

Don’t Use Nulled Plugins Or Themes

Some Optimized Themes Includes Schema Structures to the theme itself, adding seo plugin like rankmath make it more powerful. 

I personally use a fully customized and optimized theme for my site and rankmath seo plugin.

I can help develop a optimized theme for you whatsapp(+2348164140593).

Rankmath add schema structure also, and make adding focus keywords easy to add( focus keywords must also be in your title and first content of the post, same with the images).

Constantly updating your site, gives it more visibility and tells search engines that your site is up to date and they can crawl your site, gradually your post will start appearing on search engines, top 100 pages and gradually move upwards.

If this article was helpful or not? Please leave a reply on the issue you are facing, I will gladly help. 

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