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Our Website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please check back soon. We are cooking something great for you, please do check back soon.

Who We Are

Africbase was first a platform where you get information on, study Abroad, Scholarships, Technology, Cryptocurrency, Wealth, How To, Health and Also Entertainment Platform, We also look for ways to allow our users earn money from reading and posting.   This was a very massive load on one website and we decided to split this niches/categories into different websites and platforms and letting us focusing on Africbase as a revenue platform for all.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a reliable platform for all Africans to make good money Online.

We are currently researching a for better way to accomplish this without any issues or complain of payment.   Please if you have any better solution or way out, do send us an email (   For users looking for study Abroad and Scholarships a new website is under development, we will notify you soon, please do send an email to the above email address.