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About Africbase & Its Owner

Africbase Is An Open Platform Where Readers Find Dynamic Thinking, Where Expert and Undiscovered Voices Can Share Their Contents, Where You Learn And Share Ideas with each other.

A Platform, where young individuals gather and share great ideas, its an easy-to-use platform which goal is to help the world of information more easily.

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The Platform is to help every individual who is in need of information get valid and well-detailed content.

The Network is to help individuals who want to help improve society by sharing information to the platform for readers and learners.

The Network is to help teach those who are willing to learn new things online, things about the internet, business, technology, blogging, and many others.

Owner Of Africbase

The Company Is owned by a group of individuals who are willing to help, Africbase is owned by You and me.

The Platform is Managed and Maintained by THE AFRICBASE NETWORK Team a sub of the parent company Africbase LLC

The Team




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Is The Platform For Everyone

Yes, it Is for every willing individual, who wants to share ideas or learn new things

Will The Platform Close Any Time Soon

Africbase is not closing anytime soon, we are extending our database

Is The Platform A Forum

The Platform Is a microblog, where members can share his/her ideas.

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