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5 Best Business To Start In Africa

DYTYW Updated Tue, 28 September 21
5 Best Business To Start In Africa
5 Best Business To Start In Africa

What is the best business to start in Africa?

It’s undisputed that if you want to build wealth and riches, you can’t rely on your salary earning job.

There’s more to be done when it comes to financial stability and one of the best ways to accumulate wealth is by establishing a business.

Business as been a source of wealth for some many people. It’s not really compulsory you leave your previous salary earning job but having another source of income will go a long way in helping you.

When talking about business ideas, I lay more emphasis on you creating a business that will solve people’s problem.

With this only can you build wealth and also help your environment.

Business should be established with the mindset of helping people, making their lives easier and better but if the main purpose of establishing a business is to make money, then I will tell you that the business will surely fail.

Making money comes after developing value by giving the people what they want.

Solve people’s problem and watch your own financial problem solves itself.

Many do ask the question, what is the best business to start in Africa?

In this article, we will be answering that question by analysing the most awesome business that can be established in Africa.

1. Internet and technology.

We all know we are in the internet age where everything is done through the internet.
Leveraging and making good use of this can bring you profit beyond imagination.

Internet and technology business may include

Website development – you can establish a company that deals with website creation for small and big business around you
Almost all business have or want to have their own website because it’s an advantage if they do.

Fintech – providing a platform where financial related stuffs can be handled with it ease can also be the best idea to think of right now.

App creation – almost everyone is finding a way of implanting their person social media page in one app for easy accessibility.
App creators are so much scarce in this time and they are one of the most important people when it comes to technology.

2. Financial services.

Unlike all the developing or developed country that has implement the formal financial services and this as been helping them in completing huge numbers of business transaction without doing it in cash.

Africa is still lacking behind here and this provides a rare and unique opportunity of making money. Big entrepreneurs can pay any amount for this services.

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3. Real estate.

The need for genuine and effective real estate company is getting higher and higher every single day as the demand for residential areas are getting high.

According to research, if we want to solve the housing problem in Nigeria, over 16million houses as to be built.

This is a big opportunity and it’s high time you start your own real estate company.

4. Beauty and Fashion.

African are known for their obsession with beauty and Fashion and this is an opportunity for a business minded person .

Beauty and Fashion business may include manufacturing of cosmetic, selling of fashion accessories e.t.c.

5. Photography.

This may look so old but it’s the fact. In Africa, their rate of celebrating things is so high and this celebration always require someone who can detail every moment for future reference and purpose.

Having a company that deals in photography can also partner with fashion company because they are both used in expressing beauty.

This are few of the best business to start in Africa.
All the businesses listed here can be achieved with little capital & hard work.

There are many businesses opportunities all over the world, most especially Africa. All it takes is someone who is ready to take the bold step.

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