Editor’s Pick: Top 8 Places To Visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, located in the northwestern part of Europe, is a nation of full of tradition, heritage and fun. The Netherlands joins Belgium to the south, Germany to the east.

About 20% of the land is below sea level, and other large areas called polders are used from the sea and are quite fertile. Appearing flat and level, the landscape varies greatly between Arnhem Forest, bulb fields to the west, lakes to the north and center and the imposing coastal belt. The country is perfect for those who want to cycle, walk, or jog without stress.

Because the Dutch are cool headed people, they have a good sense of tolerance, humor and fun, be it relaxing in the countryside or having a night out, you won’t face any problem at all with them around. Its cultural aspect is revealed with arts created by Dutch artists. The art of this nation traces its roots to 17th century in Europe, which witnessed the “Golden Age” that put this small, culturally exuberant nation at the forefront of cultural history.

Dutch is the official language spoken here. However, English, German, Fries and French are also widely accepted by most people. Below, we will talk about the top 8 places you can visit when next you are in the Netherlands.


The national capital offers leisure walks to explore its shopping center in its center. Narrow buildings are lined along its canal banks and these buildings belong to the glory days of the country. If you need somewhere to visit, we would advise you visit Anne Frank’s house on Prinsengracht, which is the home of the young Jewish chronicler. Also visit one of the diamond dealers where you will see how they grind and polish precious stones. One of the most famous jewelry store is the Gassan on Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat, which allows you to choose stones to apply to your jewelry immediately.

Galleries and museums in Amsterdam:

You can explore other museums and galleries where you can see some of the great works of art, such as those by Dutch painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.


Located in the south-east of the Netherlands, it is the historical scene of the Second World War: “Operation Market Garden”. This is where the city’s journey across the Rhine became a “bridge too far” for the united forces who wanted to reach a conclusion to the conflict.

The Hague:

It is considered the fourth largest city of the United Nations, located west of Amsterdam, along the coast of the North Sea, and is the seat of the Dutch government. The city offers a fascinating itinerary of its architectural heritage in palaces and government buildings.


Giving you a little taste of the whole Netherlands, the city resembles many aspects of the nation in 1:25 scale. You can expect to see windmills, a cheese market and the world’s smallest railway.


It’s an old town that houses a museum that displays the works of Dick Bruna, who made Miffy. Also visit the elegant Dom tower (cathedral) nearby. Also learn some history at the huge, reconstructed Het Spoorwegmuseum (Dutch National Railway Museum) located at Maliebaanstation, which displays freight vehicles and historical memorabilia. You can reach this museum by regular train from Utrecht Central Station.


This city provides you with a landscape that gives you a wonderful view of the wonderful flower of the country, the tulip. This pleasant landscape is located just 20 km (12 miles) west of Amsterdam. Moreover, you can enjoy another beautiful sight of bulb fields that can only be seen from the end of March to the middle of May.

Cheese markets:

Visit the Dutch cheese markets, the most popular of which is Waagplein in Alkmaar which can only be visited on Fridays from mid-April to mid-September, and another is in Goudi 20 km (12 miles) from Rotterdam.

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