Tourists Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind in Qatar

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world with a lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Remembering the 20th century stereotype of the cold, wealthy Arab Gulf state and its fascinating capital, Doha, the country is a beautiful place never seen anywhere else in the world. With its developed and bright buildings, chaotic streets, mix of old and new attractions and many other places that easily attract attention, this is what characterizes Qatar.

The country is located in the Middle East and it’s a peninsula that elevates the beauty of the Persian Gulf and is surrounded by Saudi Arabia to the north, Bahrain to the east and the Emirates to the west. Since the mid-1800s, the country has largely transformed from a poor British territory known primarily for pearl mining to a sovereign state with significant oil and natural gas revenues. This allows the country to have a slightly higher per capita income than the large industrialized countries of Western Europe. Qatar is actually the home of Al Jazeera, which is a television channel and often enters the modern world. The main example given in terms of modernization is the holding of the Asian Games in 2006.

Upon arrival at Doha Airport, you will receive a visa issued by Qatar for all travelers belonging to France, Great Britain, Italy, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden . , Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Monaco, Spain, Finland, Vatican, Iceland, San Marino, Andorra, Brunei, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. The price you need to pay is 100.00 qatari riyal, and payment can also be made by credit card.

Enter the provinces of Qatar via Doha Airport and spend an unforgettable vacation exploring as many sights as possible. Since the country is bordered by the sea, it is necessary to be enchanted by the nautical sports that must be tried. In addition, kite surfing has also become a popular activity among Westerners, while locals still prefer to enjoy jet skiing near the beaches at high speed. Those who prefer the land to the sea can join one of the desert safaris and try to enjoy exploring the dunes with Landcruisers, Nissans and others.

While enjoying the various sites, attractions and activities of the place, try shopping as well. This will give you much pleasure because the country is full of various shopping malls and Doha is really surrounded by shopping malls. Visit major attractive places and attractions such as Pearl Qatar, Al-Ghuwair Castle, Ishat Island, Al Saflia Island, Alia Island, Shrao Island, Haloul Island, Qatar National Museum, Doha Zoo, Al Bida Park, Doha Fort, Asian games in Doha, Palm Tree Island, Corniche Bay, Barzan Towers, Cornell University Weill Medical College, Aspire Tower, West Bay, Diwan Al-Emiri and Zubara Fort.

The more you explore and walk in the streets of Qatar, the more you will be tempted to see and experience the country’s glittering cities and attractions. The capital city of Doha itself is an attraction in its entirety. Its sky touches the towers, and the buildings dazzle with the lights that surround it and look like twinkling stars at dusk. So also enjoy the night life in Qatar.

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