Top 7 Beautiful Cities You Need To Visit in Arizona

Welcome to Arizona, one of the must beautiful cities in the United States. This state is located in the south western part of the US and borders Mexico in its eastern region. In this article, we will talk about 7 most beautiful cities in Arizona.


Phoenix is ​​the capital of Arizona and it’s right in the middle of the state, so it’s a city you can’t miss when you visit Arizona, even if you want to for some reason. Because this is such a large and sprawling urban area, there are plenty of opportunities to see and do here and in the surrounding suburbs. Many people spend their vacations in resorts full of golf and spas. Other things people visit here are designer boutiques, the Phoenix Zoo, art galleries, museums, and the desert botanical gardens. Those interested in college towns can visit nearby Tempe, home to Arizona State University, which is one of the top party schools in the country.


Tucson is a great place for people who want to go to an urban area but find Phoenix too overwhelming. With a population of around one million, Tucson is a big city that has a lot to offer visitors, but is also small enough to be a welcoming, relaxed and friendly place. Outdoor enthusiasts will find hiking opportunities in the mountains (try Mount Lemmon) or in the desert (check out Saguaro National Park). City dwellers can shop in the Fourth Avenue, Downtown and University districts. There are many galleries, shops, museums and attractions in Tucson for visitors who want it all. It’s also home to the University of Arizona, a campus that offers plenty of activities, including an impressive planetarium and science center.


Arizona’s third largest university, Northern Arizona University, is the main reason people come to this small northern Arizona town, but there are many other great reasons to come here. For one thing, it’s very close to the Grand Canyon, but far enough away that the hotel rates are good. Although it’s a university town, there are other things to do here, including lots of skiing in the winter. A cool thing to do in the hot weather is to explore the volcanic lava tubes that are a tourist attraction in this place.


Sedona is truly a fascinating town like no other that you won’t see anywhere else, so you must make time to visit it on your trip to Arizona. It is located north of Phoenix and south of Flagstaff in northern Arizona. Considered a mystical healing center where swirls of energy come together, you’ll find a lot about mediums and crystals here. But you’ll also find plenty of really great opportunities to enjoy nature. There’s nothing better than riding through Sedona’s red rock canyons to make you feel like you’re truly living in the Southwest. Head to Oak Creek Canyon for natural water slides or explore the art galleries that are popular here.


Bisbee is an old mining town in southern Arizona that should be explored as mining plays a large role in Arizona’s history. There are many abandoned and active mines throughout the state, but this town is great because it’s a fun little place where you can visit an old copper mine. In addition to this tour, take an architectural tour of some of the beautiful houses built in the local hills.


Nogales is a border town on the Mexican border and is a must-experience in Arizona. You should also have the opportunity to cross into another country on the Mexican side of the border. Mexican culture plays an important role in the lives of people in Arizona and can be enjoyed as a tourist in this region.


Willcox is a medium-sized city in southern Arizona. There are many small towns like this where farmers live in the country. However, Willcox is particularly interesting as many of the farms here are organized for guided tours. You can go to these places and pick apples or drink a glass of fresh cider from the farm where the apples were grown. A good time of year to go is Halloween, when the pumpkins are open to the public, but you can go at almost any time of the year.

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