Tourist Attractions You Can Find in Israel, The Home of Religious History

There are many reasons why a tourist would visit Israel in the far away Middle East. Millions of people visit Israel from all over the world for one reason or another. One of the popular reason people visit Israel is for its religious history. A lot of people believe that Israel is the Holy Land with spiritual sanctity only for the three main monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. So when someone describes Israel in a few words, it becomes a mixture of archeological Manila, ecotourism and beaches. However, there are many other attractive places in Israel, which will make tourists feel completely enchanted.

Israel is undeniably one of the most beautiful country in the world that has incredible landscapes of sea, desert, ancient cities and lush nature reserves. Most of the time, when people visit Israel, they plan to explore the country in a completely different way, like a desert safari. Israel has large and wide deserts where you can go on a tour and experience a unique world. Deserts such as the Negev, the Judean Desert and the Zin Desert. Few tourists plan their vacation in deserts. However, the desert is a fantastic idea for exploring something out of the ordinary. You can enjoy activities while exploring the desert, such as camel riding.

It’s always a great experience to visit Israel where you can experience warm and sunny weather, ride a camel and see the beautiful sights of the region while you are thirsty. Desert always makes people dehydrated and that’s why many people don’t plan to visit deserts and go on vacation even if it’s something you have to try once in your life. Descending into the Judean Desert past the Good Samaritan Inn, you can see caves. These are the places where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran.

The Negev desert is undoubtedly a fascinating place to visit. You can go on jeep tours or camel rides in the desert and discover the hidden life of the region. Those who love to observe desert wildlife should not miss this opportunity on their next trip. At sunrise you will see a new lifeless world around you, but when darkness falls you will see a new world suddenly awaken. It is exciting to observe gerbils constantly looking for their predators, such as owls or desert foxes. Since it is a desert, you will be able to see various types of wildlife like lizards, beetles, snakes, bats, moths, leopards, hyenas and many more.

Desert safaris and desert wildlife are not for everyone. You must have an interest to discover something and face the reality of life. Life around you in Israel is so dramatic that you’ll want feel like you’re watching Discovery Channel. At night, the real drama begins with wild animals, such as bats that make noise in the dark in search of their delicious food, the moth. The ibex also remains anxious to know whether the leopard is near or not. Seeing something like that on TV and seeing something in front of you is very different. Your heart will always beat faster until you leave the desert.

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