Top 10 Places to Visit in Denmark

Denmark is known as the smallest Scandinavian nation and it’s considered so due to its Jutland peninsula and the 400 islands of various sizes that surround it. Only a few inhabited, ferries and bridges connect them to the mainland. The country is blessed with a multitude of picturesque towns, ancient forts and sculptures, and a coast whose landscape is punctuated by natural backdrops of sandy beaches, small coves and gentle streams.

The national landscape is a combination of different scenes that has its own attractive sights. Its low rolling hills offer magnificent views at every turn; while frozen beech forests make you feel surrounded by nature. The vast mountains, the Danish islands, the beautiful lake region, sandy beaches and white cliffs will win you over for an unforgettable trip. Rows of huge white wind turbines are called the epitome of the modern Danish country. The inhabitants of this country, known as the Danes, are very demanding when it comes to the cleanliness of the coast in order to maintain the charm of the beaches.

The main feature of this country is an excellent model and constant observance of high standards, which is seen in its adaptability and means of transport. In addition to its wonders, it serves delicious cuisine, especially in the area of ​​dairy products and delicious cakes.

Once feared as the homeland of a violent seafaring race of people known as the Vikings, despite the peaceful surroundings, visitors now find the country peaceful, caring, fair, friendly and democratic. The formal language is Danish; while many Danes also like English, German and French.

Top places you can visit:

  • Statuette of the Little Mermaid

It welcomes everyone at the entrance to the port of Copenhagen, it is considered a symbol of the city. Its small size easily surprises first-time tourists and marks the famous fairy tale role of Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Copenhagen

Being the capital of the country, it offers beautifully cobbled streets, perfect for walking or visiting the various old streets and medieval buildings.

  • Amalienborg Palace

It is the imperial winter residence located in the heart of the capital. In order for your visit to be complete, it is recommended to visit the premises at 12:00 p.m. In fact, it is at this time that the ritual guard changes every day.

  • Viking Ship Museum

Located 30 km (19 miles) from the capital, it showcases Viking heritage and exhibits the famous five ancient ships that emerged from the waters of Copenhagen’s harbour.

  • Kronborg Castle

Located in Elsinore (Helsingør in Danish), this mighty citadel dates back to the 16th century and overlooks the waters of Øresund and the neighboring Swedish coast.

  • Aalborg

The largest remaining Viking cemetery is located here, and you can also visit its citadel, cathedral and monastery.

  • Aarhus

Feel like royalty and come to this imperial city. When you’re here, enter the royal summer residence: Marselisborg Castle, whose estate is open to the public when the Queen leaves her castle. After this imperial experience, stroll past the open-air museum in the Old Town and pass a series of buildings dating back to the Renaissance.

  • Odense

It is the birthplace of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. So, go back to your childhood days while you are here. Visit the Hans Christian Andersen museum and his childhood residence.

  • The Faroe Islands

Although it has its own independent government, this region is considered to be under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. It consists of a group of 18 islands, and is located in the North Atlantic region, whose history dates back to the Viking Age.

  • Christiania

Home to Copenhagen’s independent hippie community, this city was discovered in 1971 with the aim of living in an unconventional style. As a visitor, you can walk around this area and experience the village way of life.

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