Visiting El Paso? Here’s Some of the Best Places to Visit

El Paso is a historic city located in Texas, near the border with Mexico. The city has an old Southwestern flair that has been preserved and not sacrificed in the name of modernity. The city has plenty of modern attractions, but it also has many old world attractions. The natural wonders and man-made attractions offered in West Texas make it an extremely cost-effective destination that is simply unmatched.

In this article, we will take a look at the best things to do and see in El Paso, Texas.

  • Western Playland theme park

Playland park is more like a local playground, but don’t let the name fool you. It is a large modern amusement park that offers really exciting rides, teacup rides for kids, go-karting, huge roller coasters, wet rides and much more. There are attractions suitable for all age groups.

  • Zoo in El Paso

The El Paso Zoo is one of the most impressive zoos in all of Texas, and many people don’t know about it, making it quite an overlooked destination.

  • Air Museum of War Eagles

The War Eagles Air Museum has a large number of impressive exhibits, most of which are a large number of military aircraft from the World War II and Korean War eras. There are also a number of other interactive displays.

  • Chamizal National Monument

The Chamizal National Monument is a monument to the 1963 Treaty of Chamizal, which resolved the long-standing border disputes between the United States and Mexico.

  • Hueco Tanks State Historic Area

Hueco Tanks is a historical place and its biggest attraction is in the caves here. The walls of the cave are dotted with stone pictographs from prehistoric times. Hueco Tanks also offers a variety of fun outdoor activities, including rock climbing. It is also possible to camp here in open camps.

  • El Paso Museum of Art

The El Paso Museum of Art has a number of interesting art exhibits. There are permanent and traveling exhibitions. Educational events such as workshops and lectures are also held here.

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